The Music School of Delaware employs the highest caliber faculty – drawn from among the best-trained musicians in the country. They are specialists able to serve beginners, conservatory-bound teens and adults in both private instruction and group settings.

We celebrate our faculty of 20+ years!



WB - Wilmington Branch
MB - Milford Branch

(A) - artist faculty
(A-SA) - artist faculty by special arrangement
(C) - core faculty
(D) - faculty with distinction
(L) - on leave
(M) - master faculty
(SD) - faculty with special distinction

Jennifer Crowell Stomberg, department head, Cello Choir director, cello, Suzuki cello, groups (C, M, D) - WB & MB
Shane Aaserud, double bass - WB
Jacob Colby, violin - WB
Nina Cottman, viola (M)- WB
Eric Coyne, cello, Suzuki cello - WB
Matthew Genders, cello - WB & MB
Rowena Gutana, cello, Suzuki cello - WB & PK
Eliezer Gutman, violin (M) - MB
Jessica Hoffman, Suzuki violin, Suzuki viola, groups (C) - WB & MB
Kate Inie-Richards, milford branch director, Suzuki violin, Suzuki viola, groups - WB & MB
Dr. Michael Jamanis, violin (M) - WB
Lingchin Liao, violin, Suzuki violin (D) - WB
Genia Maslov, violin - WB
Jonathan Moser, violin, Wilmington Community Orchestra Music Director (M, L)- WB
Mary Moser, Suzuki violin, viola, groups (C, L) - WB
Michelle Peters, violin, Milford String Orchestra, groups (D) - MB
Kate Ransom, violin, president - WB
Christof Richter, violin - WB
Julianne Ruiz, Suzuki Academy assistant department head, Suzuki violin, Suzuki viola, groups & orchestras (C) - WB & MB
Shelley Beard Santore, Suzuki Academy department head, chamber music coordinator, Suzuki violin, Suzuki viola, groups (C, M, SD) - WB
Dr. Lawrence Stomberg, cello (A) - WB
Diego Villamil, violin - WB
Christina von Duyke, violin - WB
Stefan Xhori, violin (M) - MB

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Dr. Lynne Cooksey, department head, flute, Suzuki flute (A, SD) - WB & MB
Melinda Bowman, flute, Suzuki flute, groups (C, D) - WB & MB
Dr. Patrick Hoffman, trumpet (M) - MB
Sara Hoffman, horn - MB
Vince Lardear, saxophone - WB
Nora McDonnell, bassoon - WB
Malcolm McDuffee, trumpet (M) - WB
Dr. Paula Nelson, flute, musicianship (M, D) - WB
Thom Remington, tuba - WB
Susan Nowaczyk Ritter, oboe - WB
Walter "Skip" Rohrich, drums/percussion (D) - WB
Lloyd Shorter, oboe (M) - WB
Dr. Anna Skrupky, horn - WB
Emily Smith, trombone - WB
Jay L. Snyder, trumpet - WB
Carol Stinson, clarinet - WB
Honey Voshell, drums - MB

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Donna DeLaurentis, department head, piano (M, D) - WB
Hiroko Yamazaki, associate department head, piano (M, D) - WB
Dr. Donna Mulzet Beech, piano (M, D) - WB
Paul Boris, piano, jazz piano - WB
David Brown, piano (A-SD) - WB
Jennifer Nicole Campbell, piano - WB
Natalie Nam Chang, piano (D) - WB
Lotus Cheng, piano, chamber music advisor (C, A, SD) - WB
Darlene Colavecchi-Smith, piano - WB
Joan Fasullo, class piano (D) - WB
Dr. Jacqueline Beach Faulcon, piano (SD) - WB
Richard Gangwisch, piano (D) - WB
Melanie Leinbach, piano - MB
Liliya Maslov, piano (C, D, M) - WB & MB
Dr. Oleg Maslov, piano (C, D, M) - WB & MB
Constance Moore, piano (M) - WB
Ethel Olsen, piano (D) - WB
Elayne Soltz Penn, piano (SD) - WB
Tracy Richardson, piano, harpsichord (M, SD) - WB
Dr. Holly Roadfeldt, piano (M, D) - WB
David Schelat, organ - WB
Dawn Stevens, piano (M) - WB

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Christopher Braddock, department head, guitar, bass guitar, mandolin, dobro, banjo (C, SD, M) - WB & MB
Shane Aaserud, bass guitar - WB
Nathan Ames, guitar - MB
Daniel Antonelli, guitar, ukulele - WB
J. Andrew Dickenson, guitar - WB & MB

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Janet Witman, classical & Celtic harp - WB
Margaret Love, harp, Celtic harp (SD) - WB

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Joanne Ward, department head, class voice (M, D) - WB & MB
Dr. Jacqueline Beach Faulcon, voice (SD) - WB
Karen Jordan, voice - WB
Augustine Mercante, voice - WB & MB
Marybeth Miller, voice - WB
Elayne Soltz Penn, voice (SD) - WB

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Christopher Braddock, department head, rock & folk guitar, bass guitar, dobro, mandolin, plectrum banjo, Rock On!, Jazz Combo, Matson Run Ensemble, Guitar & Mandolin Orchestra - WB; rock guitar, bass guitar, plectrum banjo, song-writing, jazz combo - MB (C, SD, M)
Shane Aaserud, various styles - WB
Nathan Ames, rock guitar - MB
Daniel Antonelli, rock guitar - WB
Paul Boris, piano, jazz piano, songwriting; various styles - WB
J. Andrew Dickenson, guitar; various styles - WB & MB
Vince Lardear, improvisation, jazz saxophone, various styles - WB
Martin Lassman, Adult Jazz Choir - WB
Margaret Love, Celtic harp (SD) - WB
Richard Myers, Jam It! leader - WB
Walter “Skip” Rohrich, rock & jazz drums/percussion (D) - WB
Shelley Beard Santore, First State Fiddlers, Brandywine Fiddlers (C, M, SD) - WB
Honey Voshell, rock drums - MB
Janet Witman, Celtic harp - WB
Don Zabitka, sound engineer - WB & MB

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Melinda Hudson-Oriani, department head (C, D) - WB & MB
Melinda Bowman (C, D) - WB & MB
Marjorie Ripsom - WB
Jennifer Wagner - WB

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Shelley Beard Santore, department head, Suzuki violin, Suzuki viola, groups (C, M, D) - WB
Julianne Ruiz, assistant department head, Suzuki violin, Suzuki viola, Suzuki musicianship, groups, orchestras (C) - WB & MB
Cheri Astolfi, Suzuki musicianship, dean - WB
Jacob Colby, Suzuki musicianship - WB
Eric Coyne, Suzuki cello - WB
Richard Gangwisch, Suzuki Academy accompanist - WB
Rowena Gutana, Suzuki cello - WB & PK
Jessica Hoffman, Suzuki violin, Suzuki viola, groups (C) - WB & MB
Kate Inie-Richards, Suzuki violin, Suzuki viola, groups (C) - WB & MB
Lingchin Liao, Suzuki violin (D) - WB
Jennifer Crowell Stomberg, Suzuki cello, groups (C, M, D) - WB & MB
Rebekah Waggoner, Suzuki Academy accompanist - WB

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Melinda Bowman, Flute Choir - MB
Christopher Braddock, Guitar, Mandolin & Ukulele Ensembles, Jazz Combo, Matson Run Ensemble, Rock On! (C, SD, M) - WB & MB
Jacob Colby, Adult Violin Ensemble - WB
Eliezer Gutman, Viva Violin Ensemble (M) - MB
Karen Jordan, First State Children's Chorus - WB
Martin Lassman, Adult Jazz Choir - WB
Pamela Letts, DYSO Lead Winds, Brass and Percussion Coach - WB
Tiffany Lu, Wilmington Community Orchestra Interim Music Director - WB
Wesley Morton, DYSO Percussion Coach - WB
Jonathan Moser, Wilmington Community Orchestra music director (M, L) - WB
Dr. Paula Nelson , Flute Choir (M, D) - WB
Michelle Peters, Milford String Ensemble (D) - MB
Anita Pisano Delaware Youth Symphony Orchestra assistant conductor - WB
Julianne Ruiz, Suzuki Academy Concert Strings, Suzuki Academy Festival Strings, Suzuki Academy Gala Strings (C) - WB
Shelley Beard Santore, chamber music coordinator, First State Fiddlers, Brandywine Fiddlers (C, M, SD) - WB
Jennifer Crowell Stomberg, Cello Choir, Cello Squad (C, M, D) - WB
Simeone Tartaglione, orchestral department head, Delaware Youth Symphony Orchestra (C) - WB
Joanne Ward, vocal/choral department head, Delaware Women's Chorus, Cantabile Women's Chorus (M, D) - WB & MB

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Dr. Donna Beech, staff - WB
Lotus Cheng, staff (C, A, SD) - WB
Richard Gangwisch, Suzuki Academy - WB
Melanie Leinbach, staff - MB
Liliya Maslov, staff (C, D) - WB & MB
Carol Nile, Delaware Women's Chorus - WB
Rebekah Waggoner, Suzuki Academy - WB

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Christopher Braddock, composition (C, SD, M) - WB & MB
David Brown, composition (SD, A-SA) - WB
Dr. Oleg Maslov, music history (C, D, M) - WB & MB
Marybeth Miller, musicianship - WB
Dr. Paula Nelson, flute, musicianship (D, M) - WB
Elayne Soltz Penn, musicianship (SD) - WB

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Jeremy Edler, music therapy - MB
Meryl Lammers, music therapy - WB
Joseph Reilly, music therapy - WB

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WB - Wilmington Branch
MB - Milford Branch

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(double bass, electric bass)
B.M., jazz performance, University Of The Arts; A.M., Onondaga Community College. Private teachers: Micah Jones, Gerald Veasley, Ryan Kuhns. Performance experience: band leader for "Perpetual Solitude"; bass player for "Ben Oneill"; played for "Covenant House" Praise Team; single performance with "Joe Sudler and the Swing Machine"; member of "The Sarah Horner Band" and "Bob Piorun and the Convertibles"; played with Sheryl Bailey and Jay Ashby at the 2008 Syracuse Jazz Fest.

(guitar, Garage Band 101)
B.M., University of Delaware; Certficate, Berklee School of Music. Studied with: Christiaan Taggart. Teaching experience: Ames Music Studio, Earl Teats Music Program. Performance experience: Wall of Cain, additional ensembles that toured East Coast.

(guitar, ukulele)
Musicians Institute (G.I.T.), Hollywood, California. Live and studio performing experience: Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Nashville, Florida; movie soundtracks, including 20th Century Fox. Awards: Honorable Mention, John Lennon Songwriting Contest, 2001. Principal teachers: Paul Gilbert, Frank Gambale, Scott Henderson, Marty Friedman, Jason Becker.

(Suzuki musicianship)
B.M., M.M., horn performance, University of Delaware. Principal teachers: Cynthia Carr, Dr. Michael Johns, Francis Orval. Performance experience: freelancer in Mid-Atlantic region, Quintessence Woodwind Quintet, Renaissance Brass Trio, The Grand pit orchestras and the Delaware Symphony Orchestra. Awards: College of Arts and Science Award of Special Merit, 1995; Theodore Presser Foundation Scholar, 1994 and 1995; Delaware State Music Teachers Association Award, Outstanding Instrumental Proficiency, 1994. Concerto Competition Winner: 1999 University of Delaware, 1994 Newark Symphony Orchestra. Teaching experience: University of Delaware, University of Delaware Community Music School, Hockessin Music School, CACC Montessori School, Children’s House Montessori School, Hockessin Montessori School, Montessori Learning Center, New Garden Preschool, Newark Center for Creative Learning. Conducting experience: Red Clay Consolidated School District Orchestra. Early childhood music teacher: Jill Hannagan. Early childhood music training: Musikgarten Family Music for Toddlers, The Cycle of Seasons and Music Makers: At Home in the World

DR. DONNA MULZET BEECH, master faculty with distinction, WB
B.S., music education, M.M., performance, West Chester University; D.M.A., Catholic University. Studied with: Thomas Mastroianni, William Masselos, Robert Bedford. Music director, Lower Brandywine Presbyterian Church. Performance experience: soloist with the Kennett, Wilmington Community & West Chester University Symphony Orchestras; Lorin Hollander and Béla Nagy master classes; frequent chamber musician with string and woodwind chamber groups; soloist throughout the Mid-Atlantic States. Lectures: Development of Pianism; Learning & Memory.

(piano/jazz piano)
B.M., Thomas Edison St. College of New Jersey. Performance experience: varied genre performances in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Teaching experience: Center for the Creative Arts.

MELINDA BOWMAN, core faculty with distinction, WB & MB
(flute, Suzuki flute & groups, Early Childhood music, Flute Choir)
B.M., flute performance, B.M., choral education, University of Delaware. Studied with: Kazuo Tokito, Carol Brown. Registered Suzuki training: Flute Units 1-5. Member of the Suzuki Association of the Americas. Suzuki training: E. Tennessee State University with Pandora Bryce. Trained teacher: Kindermusik® Beginnings, Growing with Kindermusik® and Kindermusik® I. Awards: Two time recipient of the Presser Scholarship. Member: Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society. Performance experience: Delaware Valley orchestra, band and chamber music; the Bowman-Braddock Flute and Guitar Duo; Delaware Symphony Orchestra. Teaching experience:  Independence School, Friends Central School.

CHRISTOPHER BRADDOCK, core master faculty with distinction, WB & MB
(guitar and The Studio: Rock, Jazz & Folk department head, guitar, bass guitar, mandolin, Adult & Youth Guitar/Mandolin Ensembles, Jazz Combo, Matson Run Folk Ensemble, and Student Rock Group, Cultural Crossroads coordinator)
B.M., cum laude, classical guitar performance, University of Delaware. Studied with: Christiaan Taggart. Performances: Bowman-Braddock Flute & Guitar Duo, Electro-Organic Project, Mosaic String Duo, Pegasus Trio, Tidewater Brass Band, Brandywine Guitar Quartet, solo recitals. Awards: 2002 Individual Artist Fellowship in Music Composition, Delaware Division of the Arts. His original compositions have been included on three local recording compilations: The Music School of Delaware's "Music of our Masters," the Winterthur Museum's "Playing in the Garden," and "Florescence," by the contemporary chamber ensemble, Mélomanie. Additional teaching experience: Teaching Artist, Delaware Institute for the Arts in Education. Artistic director: Delaware Classical Showcase, Inc.

DAVID BROWN, artist faculty by special arrangement, WB
(piano, composition)
B.M., piano performance, M.M., composition, Curtis Institute. Studied with: Rudolf Serkin, Mieczyslaw Horszowski, composer Myron Fink. Awards: first prize winner, National Merriweather-Post Competition; Bloch Award; two grants, Philadelphia Friends of Fine Arts. Music School Teacher of the Year, 1988-89. Performance experience: soloist with Concerto Soloists (Philadelphia); Delaware, Lancaster, National & Utah Symphony Orchestras; extensive solo, duo-piano and chamber music recitals. Piano concerto composer & soloist for 1976 commission for the Delaware Symphony Orchestra; premiere performance recorded and broadcast worldwide over “Voice of America.” Teaching experience: University of Delaware, West Chester State University, Snowbird SummerArts Institute (UT).

(piano, musicianship, composition)
B.M., M.M., The Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University. Primary teachers: Piano – Brian Ganz and David Brown; Composition – Judah Adashi. Collaborating and accompanying coaches: Denyce Graves and John Shirley-Quirk. Performances: Lincoln Center, the Academy of Music and the Musikhauset Aarhus in Denmark. Awards: First Prize – Rosalyn Tureck International Bach Competition, the 1000 Islands International Chopin Competition and the Baltimore Music Club Competition; Presser Scholar, Peabody Alumni Award and Peabody Career Development Grant to fund CD album Perceptions of Shadows, released in June. Concerto soloist: Lansdowne Symphony, the Delaware County Symphony and the Newark Symphony Orchestra. Chamber Musician and Collaborating Awards: Sara Stulman Zierler Prize and the Clara Ascherfeld Award in Accompanying. Composition: Premieres throughout the United States, including halls at the University of Miami, University of Buffalo, Canisius College and the Peabody Institute; performance of her Piano Trio No. 1 by members of the Philadelphia Orchestra.

NATALIE NAM CHANG, faculty with distinction, WB
B.M., magna cum laude, piano performance, M.M., piano pedagogy, West Chester University. Studied with: Dr. Richard Veleta, Ellen Mack, Keiko Sato. Awards: Michael Morochko Memorial Piano Scholarship Competition; first place, Hornam Piano Competition. Member: Pi Kappa Lambda and Music Teachers National Association.

LOTUS CHENG, core artist faculty with distinction, WB
(piano, chamber music advisor)
B.M., piano performance, University of Delaware; M.M., piano pedagogy/accompanying, Temple University. Studied with: Alexander Fiorillo, Lambert Orkis, David Brown. Music School Teacher of the Year 1991-1992. Awards: 1980 JCC Young Musicians Competition; 1983 Temple University Concerto Competition; 1987 National Bartók-Kabalevsky Piano Competition; accompanying & teaching scholarship grants, Temple University. Teaching experience: University of Delaware. Master classes: Augustin Anievas, Leon Fleisher, Natalie Hinderas, Russell Sherman. Performance experience: solo recitals; duets and two-piano works with husband David Brown in Salt Lake City, Paris and Straubing (Germany).

B.M., piano performance, University of Delaware; M.M., piano performance, West Chester University. Studied with: David Brown, Dr. Richard Veleta. Teaching experience: West Chester University. Member: Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society in Education, Pi Kappa Lambda National Music Honor Society. Former assistant music director, Delaware County Community College. Performance experience: soloist, chamber musician, accompanist, orchestral pianist, lecture-recitals, workshops, festivals. Member: Concord Friends of Music Executive Committee. Official accompanist for all choral groups at Concord High School.

(violin, Suzuki Musicianship)
B.M., education: violin concentration, Temple University. Pennsylvania Teaching Certification, Instructional 1 – Music K-12. Principal teachers: Dr. Valissa Willwerth and Luigi Mazocchi. Teaching experience: Haverford Middle and High School; Penn Alexander School; St. Mary’s Music School; Music and Arts. Performance experience: Temple University Baroque Quartet; freelances in orchestral, chamber music, choral, jazz settings. Plays violin for several Indie/Folk/Rock bands such as Zach Feingold Band and Flounder Warehouse.

DR. LYNNE COOKSEY, artist faculty with distinction, WB
(winds/brass/percussion department head, flute, Suzuki flute)
B.M., Southern Methodist University; M.M., Manhattan School of Music; D.M.A., North Texas State University. Music School Teacher of the Year 1989-1990. Teaching experience: Hastings College, Kearney State College, Southwest Missouri State University, North Texas State University, Temple University-Center City Campus. Former president: Greater Philadelphia Suzuki Association. Performance experience: Dallas Symphony, Fort Worth, OperaDelaware, Delaware Symphony, Spoleto Festival Orchestras. Soloist: Nebraska Chamber Orchestra, Dallas Civic Symphony, Hastings Civic Symphony, Wilmington Community Orchestra. Member of the Suzuki Association of the Americas.

NINA COTTMAN, master faculty, WB
Graduate, New School of Music, Philadelphia. Studied with Evelyn Jacobs Luise, Professor of Viola, New School of Music and Temple University; Sidney Curtiss, Philadelphia Orchestra (retired); and Heidi Castleman. Performance experience: Delaware Symphony Orchestra; Acting Principal Violist, OperaDelaware Orchestra; Acting Assistant Principal Violist, Allentown Symphony Orchestra; Peter Nero and the Philly Pops; Kennett Symphony of Chester County; The Festival at Shippensburg University; Pennsylvania Sinfonia Chamber Orchestra; Gateways Music Festival; Oakland (California) Symphony; Colorado Philharmonic Orchestra; Chamber music experience: Copeland String Quartet; Tessera Chamber Players; Chancellor String Quartet; Tyrone Brown String Sextet featuring John Blake; Viola soloist: A chamber jazz sextet (two violins, two violas, one cello and bass). Teaching experience: viola teacher and ensemble coach, Settlement Music School of Philadelphia; The Music School of Delaware; The Hill School, Pottstown, Pennsylvania. Recording experience: Tyrone Brown String Sextet, “Song of the Sun,” Naxos; “Emerald Valley,” Moers Music; “Between Midnight and Dawn,” Dreambox Media; Session musician at Philly International Studios; Copeland String Quartet CD’s.

(cello, Suzuki cello)
B.M., University of Iowa; M.M. and Professional Certificate, cello performance and pedagogy, Temple University. Registered Suzuki training: ECC!, Cello Units 1-2. Principal teachers: Charles Wendt, Jeffrey Solow, Tanya Carey. Performance experience: Symphony in C, West Philadelphia Camerata, Mühlenberg Piano Quartet, Quad Cities Symphony. Teaching experience: Community Music School of Collegeville (Pennsylvania), Westminster Choir College Conservatory, Nelly Berman School of Music.

DONNA DELAURENTIS, master faculty, WB
(piano/organ/harpsichord department head, piano)
B.M., performance, Marymount College; M.M., performance, University of Delaware. Principal teachers: Seymour Lipkin, Michael Steinberg, Piero Weiss, Jacob Maxim, David Brown. Teaching experience: Marymount College, Ursuline Academy. Former member: Duo Tanabata with Sumiyo Ohuchi. Performed regionally in solo and collaborative performances for over 40 years. Related professional experience: OperaDelaware, Music at the Beach Ensemble Festival.

B.M., guitar performance, Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University; M.M., guitar performance, Mannes College of Music. Principal teachers: Julian Gray, Robert Trent, Frederic Hand. Performer: Midnight Moon Ensemble; throughout the U.S., including Carnegie Hall, Korea, England; founding member, New York Guitar Quartet; worked with: SONOS Chamber Orchestra, Trio Sorella and the New World Symphony. Composer: several scores for theatre productions, original musical theater works, commissioned music for the Eclipse Performing Dance Company. Author: Guitar Fundamentals series. President, artistic director, editor: New York City Classical Guitar Society. Recordings: with Midnight Moon, Bel Solé; solo guitar recording Dandelion Wine. Teaching experience: Performing Arts Coordinator and Professor of Music, Cecil College; former String Department Head, Concordia Conservatory.

(music therapy)
B.A., music, concentration: trumpet, Delaware State University; M.A., music therapy, Immaculata University; MT-BC. Principal teachers: Dr. Patrick Hoffman, trumpet; Dr. Tony Meadows and Dr. Lillian Eyre, music therapy. Clinical internship: Delaware Autism Program at the Christina School District. Has worked with children and young adults with special needs and adolescents with behavioral health and emotional issues.

JOAN FASULLO, faculty with distinction, WB
(class piano)
B.M., Marywood College; M.M., New School for Music Study; professional teacher training course, Princeton. Studied with: Sister Immaculate Severino, Sam Holland, Frances Clark, Louise Goss. Former faculty chair: New School’s Elementary Department, Bay Area Music Center, Brandywine Piano Studio. Former owner: Clear Lake Piano Studio. Founder and first president: Northern Delaware Music Teachers’ Association.

JACQUELINE BEACH FAULCON, faculty with special distinction, WB
(voice, piano)
B.S., Temple University; M.Ed., music supervision, West Chester University; Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy, music, World University. Studied with: Blanche Taylor Burton, Agi Yambor, Helene Diedrich, Elaine Browrii, Elizabeth Westmoreland Briggs, Madame Landver. Conducting experience: International Choir of the Congress on Arts and Communications, Skyline Middle School.  Awards: 2002 Patricia Grasty Gaines Leadership Award given by the Frederick Douglass Institute of West Chester University of Pennsylvania, 1999 National Teacher Hall of Fame, 1998-1999 MBNA Excellence in Education Grant, 1999 McDonald's Classroom Grant, International Biographical Centre (Cambridge, England), Gold Medal of Congress, 1996 Ernest Kay International Foundation Award. Solo performances: Europe, Africa, Asia, North America, Oceana and throughout the USA. Member: Board of Trustees of the Grand Opera House, Wilmington, DE; The Philadelphia Musical Fund Society. President of the Delaware State Music Teachers Association (MTNA affiliate) 2003-2005.

B.S., music education, West Chester University; M.M., accompanying, Manhattan School of Music. Teaching experience: West Chester University, Gesamthochschule Kassel (Germany), Loire Valley Music Institute (France), Freie Waldorfschule Kassel, Eurhythmy pianist. Performance experience: piano soloist (Germany), chamber music concerts, faculty and student accompanist at West Chester University.

B.M., Temple University; M.M., Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University. Principal teachers: Peter Stumpf, Jeffery Solow. Chamber music studies: Menahem Pressler, Mark Kaplan, Jorja Fleezanis, Kurt Muroki. Masterclasses: Fred Sherry, Colin Carr, Tokyo String Quartet, St. Lawrence String Quartet, Ben Zander. Pedagogy studies: Susan Moses, Mimi Zweig. Orchestral experience: Columbus Indiana Philharmonic, Terre Haute Symphony Orchestra. Appeared with: Delaware Symphony Orchestra, Symphony in C, Boyz II Men. Teaching experience: Darlington Arts Center, Haddonfield School of Music, private studio.

(cello, Suzuki cello)
B.M., Ball State University; Graduate studies, Cleveland Institute of Music. Musikgarten training/certification. Registered Suzuki training: ECC!, Cello Units 1-4. Member of the Suzuki Association of the Americas. Major cello teachers: Alison Wells, Melissa Kraut, Polina Umansky and Mihai Tetel. Major pedagogy teachers: Tanya Carey and Pamela Devenport. Teaching experience: Indiana University Summer String Academy, Cleveland Institute of Music Preparatory Department, Center for Young Musicians in Pittsburgh. Early childhood music teaching experience.

ELIEZER GUTMAN, master faculty, MB
(violin, Viva Violin Ensemble)
B.S., industry and management, Technion Institute of Technology, Israel; M.M., violin performance, The University of the Arts. Orchestral experience: Allentown Symphony Orchestra (concertmaster), OperaDelaware (concertmaster), Reading Symphony (assistant concertmaster), Delaware Symphony Orchestra. Chamber music experience: Copeland String Quartet. Conducting experience: First State Strings Youth Orchestra. Teaching experience: New England Music Camp.

JESSICA HOFFMAN, core faculty, WB & MB
(Suzuki violin, Suzuki viola, groups)
B.M., performance, Cleveland Institute of Music and Case Western Reserve University; M.M., performance, Esther Boyer College of Music at Temple University. Suzuki training: Hartt Suzuki Institute, The Greater Washington Suzuki String Institute, The Pittsburgh Music Academy. Registered Suzuki training: ECC!, SPA, Violin Units 1-6, Child Development, Essentials to Great Teaching for Violin. Member of the Suzuki Association of the Americas. Principal teachers: Linda Fiore, Edmund Sprunger, Michelle George. Performance experience: Haddonfield Symphony, freelancing in Philadelphia. Chamber music experience: Credo Summer Chamber Music. Teaching experience: Temple University, Settlement Music School of Philadelphia, Cheltenham Music & Art School, Morristown School of Music, OPUS 1, Crescendo Summer Chamber Music.

DR. PATRICK HOFFMAN, master faculty, MB
B.S., University of Illinois; M.M., Indiana University; D.M.A., University of Georgia, Athens. Principal teachers: Chris Jaudes, Ray Sasaki, Susan Slaughter, Bernard Adelstein, Fred Mills. Delaware State University: Associate Professor of Music, Applied Trumpet Instructor, Director of Brass Ensembles. Prior teaching experience: Minot State University, North Dakota. Former member: Rekkenze Brass Quintet, Hof Symphony (Assistant Principal Trumpet). CD: Puppet Dances.

B.M., horn performance, University of Georgia; M.M., horn performance, Yale University. Principal teachers: Dr. Jean Martin-Williams; Paul Ingraham; William Purvis. Teaching experience: Delaware State University; New York Summer Music Festival; Minot State University; Yale University. Performance experience: First State Brass; Delaware Symphony Orchestra; Capitol Brass Quintet; Arden Theatre Company; Minot Symphony Orchestra; Albany Symphony Orchestra; Hof Symphony Orchestra; Waterbury Symphony Orchestra; New Haven Symphony Orchestra. Honors and awards: Harriet G. Fox Scholarship, Yale University; Soloist, University of Georgia Symphonic Band; Blue Key National Honor Society; MTNA Collegiate Solo Competition, State Level; MTNA Collegiate Chamber Competition, State Level; Atlanta Brass Society Soloist Competition; Director's Excellence Award, University of Georgia; Outstanding Sophomore Music Major Award.

(Early Childhood department head)
B.M., vocal performance, University of Minnesota. Kindermusik® training: Carol Penney, Elaine Harriss. Musikgarten training/certification, ECMMA Level I certification. Performances: OperaDelaware, Vox Amadeus Ensemble, Philadelphia Singers, Houston Grand Opera Chorus, Houston Chamber Choir. Director: Clear Lake Kindermusik®. Member: AGMA Kindermusik® Educators Association.

KATE INIE-RICHARDS, Milford Branch director, WB & MB
(Suzuki violin, Suzuki viola, groups)
B.M., University of Memphis; M.M., Suzuki pedagogy, Ithaca College. Graduate, Interlochen Arts Academy. Major viola teachers: Debra Moree, Lenny Schranze, David Holland and Shelley Beard Santore. Registered Suzuki training: ECC!, Violin Units 1-5, Violin Practicum. Member of the Suzuki Association of the Americas. Major Suzuki pedagogy teachers: Sanford Reuning, Carrie Reuning-Hummel, with additional instruction from Edward Kreitman, Stephanie Sandven. Teaching experience: five years teaching assistant and fellow at Interlochen Arts Camp; private violin and viola studio.

DR. MICHAEL JAMANIS, master faculty, WB
B.M., The Juilliard School; M.M., Yale University; D.M.A., Rutgers University. Award recipient: Lincoln Center, Victor Herbert, Metro-Media and National Federation of Music Clubs. Performed in concert halls worldwide as a soloist and chamber musician. International festivals: Italy, France, Belgium, Germany. Appeared as soloist: NPR radio and PBS television. Founding member: Newstead Trio. Member: Inspira - The Power of the Spiritual, a multidisciplinary performance project that emphasizes improvisation, spoken word and movement. Pennsylvania Academy of Music: string department chair, senior orchestra conductor, Satellite Schools program director. Established summer string institute that became the international chamber music festival known as Vivace. Directs: "Music in the Schools" program sponsored by Music for Everyone. Orchestra director: Lancaster Catholic and Lancaster Mennonite high schools. Visiting professor: China Northwest University for Nationalities; senior adjunct assistant professor: Franklin and Marshall College.

B.A., Mount Holyoke; M.M., voice performance, New England Conservatory of Music. Soprano soloist: Vermont Symphony Orchestra, New Hampshire Symphony, Burlington Choral Society, the UVM Concert Choir, Monadnock Music Festival. Teaching experience: choral director, public junior/senior high school; piano and voice classes; music theory and history; private voice. Adjunct vocal instructor: University of Vermont, Notre Dame College, Brevard Community College. Adjudicator: district and state level festivals.

(music therapy)
B.S., music therapy, State University of New York, Magna Cum Laude. CBMT Certification Board for Music Therapists: 2005, recertified: 2010. Music therapy experience: Heartland Hospice, Chadds Ford, PA; Autism Society of North Carolina, Asheville, NC; Music Therapist, Privately Contracted, Black Mountain, NC; Beachway Music Therapy, Delray Beach, FL; Master Musicians Inc. and Cynthia Quenet, Palm Beach County, FL; Seasons Hospice & Palliative Care, King of Prussia, PA; Anderson Center for Autism for Autism, Staatsburg, NY; Hospice, Inc., Kingston, NY.

B.M., jazz studies, Indiana University (Bloomington); M.M., saxophone performance, Virginia Commonwealth University. Studied with: David N. Baker, Eugene Rousseau, Tom Walsh, Barry Harris, Phil Woods, Jimmy Heath, Vincent Marinelli. Performance experience: Illinois Jacquet Big Band, Baltimore Symphony Pops, International Saxophone Symposium, Cape May Jazz Festival, Clifford Brown Jazz Festival, Mellon Jazz Festival, Berks County Jazz Festival, Rehoboth Beach Jazz Festival, Tommy Dorsey Orchestra. Teaching experience: Instrumental Music Programs, New Castle Christian Academy, Alethia School, Camden County College, Caravel Academy, University of Delaware Community Music School, Thomas McKean High School, The Grand Opera House School of Music, private studio.

(Adult Jazz Choir)
B.M., education: trumpet concentration, University of Delaware; M.S., education: piano concentration, University of Iowa. Faculty: H.B. DuPont Middle School, Talley Jr. High School, Wilmington Friends School, Cab Calloway School of the Arts. Teaching experience: band, general music, jazz band, vocal music, including jazz choir at Cab Calloway. Membership: past president, treasurer of the American Choral Directors Association; Jr. High All-State Chorus Committee.

B.M., music history and organ, Mansfield State University. Graduate work, George Washington University. Studied with: Dr. Eileen Morris Guenther, Dr. David Herman. Teaching experience: private studio. Performance experience: organist, The Presbyterian Church of Dover.

(DYSO Lead Winds, Brass and Percussion Coach)
B.M., performance and music education, University of Delaware; M.M., performance and literature, Eastman School of Music. Performance experience: Renaissance Brass; performances with the Delaware and Harrisburg Symphonies, the Brandywiners Orchestra and the Superior Ragtime Orchestra. Frequent performances at the duPont Theatre. Engagements with such celebrities as Rosie O'Donnell, Nathan Lane, Andrea McCardle, Nell Carter, Stephanie Powers, and the Temptations. Teaching experience: Director of Bands, H.B. duPont Middle School since 2002; faculty of the University of Delaware Community Music School; director of the UDCMS Middle School Band Camp since 1996. Chairperson: Delaware All-State Jr. Band. Guest conductor: All-County Middle School Band, Kent County, Delaware. Adjudicator: Maryland State Band Festival. Regional low brass clinician.

LINGCHIN LIAO, faculty with distinction, WB
(violin, Suzuki violin)
B.M., violin performance & music education, National Taiwan Normal University; M.M., violin performance, Temple University. Additional studies: Gordon Institute for Music Learning Theory; Professional studies in violin performance, Temple University. Registered Suzuki training: Violin Units 1-3. Member of the Suzuki Association of the Americas. Orchestral experience: Haddonfield Symphony, Taipei City Symphony. Chamber music experience: Trio Jeudi. Teaching experience: Darlington Fine Arts Center, Cairn University, Temple University Music Prep.

MARGARET LOVE, faculty with special distinction, WB
(harp, Celtic harp)
B.M., music education, Florida State University; M.M., Kansas State University. Studied with: Ramona Beard, Marion Pelton, Barbara Gray, Robert Plimpton. Director: adult choir and handbell choir/ensemble, Hope Lutheran Church; organist/music director in various churches throughout the area. Teaching experience: Birmingham (AL), Caravel Academy and Holy Angels Catholic Schools. Member: Board of Directors, Kindermusik® Educators Association.

(Wilmington Community Orchestra Interim Music Director)
B.M., Princeton University; M.M., orchestral conducting, Ithaca College; D.M.A. (in progress), University of Maryland, College Park. Additional training: Pierre Monteux School for Conductors and Orchestral Musicians (4 years), orchestral assistant (2 years). Principal teachers: James Ross, Jeffery Meyer, Michael Jinbo. Master classes: Carl St. Clair, Larry Rachleff, David Effron, Lior Shambadal, Mark Shapiro, Victor Yampolsky. Primary instrument: violin. Performance experience: Annapolis Symphony Orchestra, Florida Orchestra, Binghamton Philharmonic, Cayuga Chamber Orchestra, Symphoria (Syracuse), and Gadje, a gypsy rock band based in Ithaca. Librarian: National Orchestral Institute (2016). Personnel manager: Capital City Symphony. Co-assistant conductor: University of Maryland Symphony Orchestra. Assistant conductor: Capital City Symphony; Tampa Metropolitan Youth Orchestras (2011-2012); Ithaca College (2012-2015). Cover conductor: National Orchestral Institute (2016). Co-conductor: University of Maryland Repertoire Orchestra. Conductor: Young Artists' Orchestra at the DC Youth Orchestra Program (2015-2016).

B.M., violin performance, Juilliard School; M.M., violin performance, Cleveland Institute of Music. Principal teachers: Stephen Clapp, Joel Smirnoff. Chamber music coaches: Sidney Curtiss, Kathleen Carroll, Rohan De Silva, Samuel Rhodes, Roger Chase, Sir Roger Tapping. Solo performances: The Philadelphia Orchestra; and the Philadelphia Classical, Kennett, Lansdowne and Ambler symphonies. Winner: Albert M. Greenfield Competition, 2001. Awards and scholarships: The Eugene Ormandy scholarship; grants from The Loeb Performing Arts Foundation, Alfonso Cavaliere Memorial Scholarship and the Kardon Foundation. Summer festivals: Kinhaven, ENCORE School for Strings, Casalmaggiore International Music Festival, Banff Strings. Violin: 1901 Emilio Evasio Guerra violin, kindly loaned to her by Mr. William A. Loeb.

LILIYA MASLOV, core master faculty with distinction, WB
B.M., piano performance, Kharkov Special Music School for Gifted Children (Ukraine); M.M. with additional studies in chamber music and pedagogy, Kharkov State Conservatory (Ukraine); M.M., piano performance, Temple University. Studied with: Harvey Wedeen, Regina Horowitz, Arkady Sevidov, Natan Perelman. Teaching experience: Temple University Preparatory, Temple University, Arad State Conservatory (Israel), Kharkov Special Music School for Gifted Children. Performance experience: duo-piano recitals; chamber music in Israel, Ukraine and United States; solo recitals; duo-piano and chamber music for WFLN radio (Philadelphia). Soloist: Kharkov Philharmonic Orchestra. Awards: winner, Kharkov Piano Competition; winner, Ukrainian National Piano Competition; Israel Cultural Chamber Music Award.

DR. OLEG MASLOV, core master faculty with distinction, WB & MB
(piano, music history)
B.M., piano performance, Kharkov Special Music School for Gifted Children (Ukraine); M.M., piano performance with additional qualifications as a chamber performer and piano teacher, Kharkov State Conservatory (Ukraine); Doctoral Diploma, piano performance, National Academy of Music (Ukraine); D.M.A., piano performance, Temple University. Studied with: Harvey Wedeen, Alexander Snegiriov, Natan Perelman, Regina Horowitz. Master classes: Alexander Volkov, Christofer Kait, Misha Dichter, Jerome Lowenthal. Awards and honors: Israel Cultural Chamber Music Award, 1992; graduation with distinction, Kharkov State Conservatory, 1984; winner, Kharkov Piano Competition, 1983; winner, Ukrainian National Music Competition, 1979. Research: "Romantic German literature and Schumann's Carnaval, Op. 9: an interconnection" (National Academy of Music, Kiev, 1990); "Rachmaninoff's early works for two pianos: nationalistic icons?" (Temple University, 2001, published by Liszt Society). Performance experience: Temple University, Lincoln Center, WFLN Radio (Philadelphia), Haverford, 40 chamber music performances as resident pianist with Arad String Quartet (Israel). Teaching experience: Temple University, National Academy of Music (Ukraine), Kharkov State Conservatory (Ukraine). Artist in residence, Temple University.

B.M., music education, Frost School of Music at the University of Miami; M.M., bassoon performance, University of Delaware. Principal teachers: Luciano Magnanini, Jon Gaarder. Performed with the Miami Symphony Orchestra, the Ars Flores Symphony Orchestra, the Henry Mancini Institute Orchestra. Performed with artists: Arturo Sandoval, Gary Burton, Dave Grusin, Nester Torres, Patti Austin, Jon Secada, Robert Klein. Woodwind quintet experience. Teaches 4th-8th grade String Orchestra. Chairperson: Delaware All-State Orchestra. Serves on the Delaware Symphony Orchestra Education Committee.

MALCOLM MCDUFFEE, master faculty, WB
B.S., music education, Ithaca College; M.M., trumpet performance, Indiana University. Performance experience: Assistant Principal Trumpet, St. Louis Symphony; St. Louis Brass Quintet; New Orleans Philharmonic; Webster University Orchestra. Founding Director of Music and Conductor of the St. Louis Brass Band; member: Atlantic Brass Band. Teaching experience: Webster University. Private teaching: 30 years.

B.M., vocal performance, University of Delaware; M.M., vocal performance, opera, University of North Texas; Artist Diploma, Conservatory for Music, Augsburg, Germany. Experience: soloist in venues and with ensembles throughout mid-Atlantic region. Awards: Fellowship, Delaware Division of the Arts; Boston-area debut, Tanglewood Music Festival. Enjoys performing music from the Baroque to present. Teaching experience: private voice instruction.

(voice, musicianship)
B.A., music, University of Delaware; B.S., apparel design. Faculty: Wilmington Christian School. Associations: repertoire & standards chair for women's choirs, Delaware American Choral Directors Association; editor, Da Capo (DACD).

CONSTANCE MOORE, master faculty, WB
B.M., M.M., piano performance, University of Louisville; instrumental accompanying, Juilliard School. Studied with: Lee Luvisi. Teaching experience: Juilliard Pre-College, Bowdoin Summer Music Festival, Hunter College. Chair: Juilliard Pre-College Chamber Music Program. Accompanying experience: Mannes School of Music, Juilliard School, Mozarteum (Salzburg), Munich International Violin Competition. Performances in recital and chamber music ensembles throughout the USA, France, Austria.

(DYSO Percussion Coach)
B.M, music education, M.M., conducting, University of Delaware. Drum set artist: performs with Rob Zinn, island jazz group Basodee, Caribbean Sunset Band, singer/songwriter Nolelle Picara, funk group Big Package, party band Lavender, jazz singer Ellen Lebowitz and the Royal Palm Steel Band. Steel drummer: Royal Palm, Blue Waters and Delaware Steel. Theater percussionist: performances with OperaDelaware, Brandywiners Ltd., Covered Bridge Theater and Candlelight Music Dinner Theater. Former member: Wind Symphony of Southern New Jersey, Star of Indiana Drum and Bugle Corps. Special performances with Canadian Brass, the percussion group Nexus and trumpeters David Bilger and Arturo Sandoval.

JONATHAN MOSER, master faculty on leave, WB
(Wilmington Community Orchestra Music Director, violin)
B.M., Shenandoah University; M.M., Arizona State University; additional doctoral studies in performance. Principal teachers: Katie McLin, James Stern, Sergiu Schwartz, Linda Cerone, Ronda Cole. Masterclasses with Jaime Laredo, Claude Frank, Sylvia Rosenberg, Shlomo Mintz, Sergiu Luca. Additional studies: Voice, viola and conducting. Conducting experience: orchestra director, Kutztown University; director of orchestras, Westminster College. Teaching experience: Grove City College, Westminster College. Director of Music experience: University Presbyterian Church; Providence Presbyterian Church; Proclamation Presbyterian Church. Performance experience: Music at Ethical: Concerts on the Square; IONSOUND, University of Pittsburgh based contemporary group; freelance. Concertmaster: Pittsburgh Opera Theater, Music On the Edge, Erie Symphony. Principal second: Bay-Atlantic Symphony, Wheeling Symphony. Winner: Pittsburgh Concert Society Solo Competition, the Philadelphia College of Bible Solo Competition (two years), the Northern Virginia Music Teachers Association Solo Competition, the Shenandoah University Concerto Competition. Finalist: National Symphony Orchestra’s Young Soloists Competition. Founding member of the Arizona State University, Katherine K. Herberger Graduate String Quartet.

MARY MOSER, core faculty on leave, WB
(Suzuki violin, Suzuki viola)
B.M., violin performance, University of the Pacific (Stockton, CA); M.M., violin performance & pedagogy, Katherine Herberger School of Music at Arizona State University. Registered Suzuki training: ECC!, Violin Units 1-6, Violin Practicum, & Enrichment Supplement Course books 1-4. Member of the Suzuki Association of the Americas & Greater Philadelphia Suzuki Association. Principal teachers: Dr James Stern, Dr Katie McLin, Ms. Jennifer John. Principal Suzuki teachers: Ronda Cole, Michele George, Teri Einfeldt, Stevie Sandven, Edmund Sprunger and Kimberly Meier-Sims.

(Jam It!)
B.A., University of Pennsylvania; J.D., Temple University. Primary instruments: guitar and mandolin. Teaching experience: Kids Jam, Narberth, Pennsylvania. Performance experience: numerous jams in the region.

DR. PAULA NELSON, master faculty with distinction, WB
(flute, Flute Choir, musicianship)
B.A. summa cum laude, University of Maryland; M.M., D.M.A., University of North Texas. Studied with: Mary Karen Clardy, William Montgomery, Kathleen Chastain, James Walker. Teaching experience: Elizabethtown College, Immaculata University, West Chester University, University of Delaware. Orchestral experience: member, Irving (Texas) Symphony Orchestra; Allentown and Pottstown Symphony Orchestras; the Pennsylvania Sinfonia Orchestra; Bethlehem Bach Festival Orchestra. Soloist: Lansdowne Symphony Orchestra and the Wilmington Community Orchestra. Additional performance experience: National Flute Association Convention, various solo and chamber music recitals in the greater Philadelphia area, Nelson-Sessler flute and classical guitar duo. Articles published in Flute Talk magazine.

(accompanist, Delaware Women's Chorus)
B.M., piano performance, Virginia Commonwealth University; M.M., music education, West Chester University. Accompanist for Delaware Women’s Choir, 2 years. Organist and choir director in area churches. Former middle school teacher.

ETHEL OLSEN, faculty with distinction, WB
B.A., Edison State College. Graduate studies: Westminster Choir College, Rowan College. Additional studies: Tanglewood Summer Institute, Boston University. Studied with: Béla Nagy, Steven Romanio, Yoheved Kaplinsky, Jacques Voois. Teaching experience: St. Andrew's School, Westminster College Piano Preparatory Department. Memberships: MTNA, NGPT, MSMTA, MTAGB. Accompanist: Zhi-yin Chorus, FCCS-Newark.

ELAYNE SOLTZ PENN, faculty with special distinction, WB
(piano, voice, music theory)
B.M., education, West Virginia University; M.M., voice performance, S.U.N.Y. at Stony Brook. Studied with: voice, Adele Addison, Hans Heinz, Margaret Harshaw; piano, Susan Starr, Robert Bedford. Nationally certified in voice and piano by MTNA. Member: NATS. Performance experience: soprano soloist and choir director, Beth Judah Congregation; Delaware Symphony Chamber Series; Delaware Children's Theatre; University of Delaware; OperaDelaware; equity productions; The Music School of Delaware's Music Masters concert series. DSMTA Festival chair/co-chair/vice-president: piano, voice, piano ensemble, student activities, membership, theory festival. President: Northern Delaware Music Teachers' Association (NDMTA).

MICHELLE PETERS, faculty with distinction, MB
(violin, groups, Milford String Orchestra)
B.S., music education, violin, West Chester University. Registered Suzuki training: Violin Units 1-4. Member of the Suzuki Association of the Americas. Washington Suzuki Institute, Ithaca Suzuki Institute, New Orleans Suzuki Institute, Bethlehem Suzuki Institute. Performance experience: Dover Symphony Community Orchestra, Mid-Atlantic Symphony Orchestra. Teaching experience: Morris Early Childhood Center, St. John’s Catholic Church, New Castle County School District String Program.

(Delaware Youth Symphony Orchestra assistant conductor)
B.F.A., violin and viola performance, Indiana University of Pennsylvania; Teaching Certificate: University of Delaware. Member: National Association for Music Educators, Americans for the Arts, the American String Teachers Association. Committee and board work: ASTA, national chairperson of the CodaBows for America Outreach Program (2009, 2010); ASTA, Delaware Representative - Executive Board; Delaware All-State Orchestra, Chair (2009-2013); Delaware State Music Day, Co-Chairperson (2012), Chairperson (2014); STRINGFEST, host; Delaware Chamber Music Festival, board member. Clinic presentation: Building String Orchestras, Strings for the Non-String Player, How to Take an Honest Look at your Ensemble. Teaching experience: Secondary Orchestra Director, Brandywine School District. String teacher: St. Mark's High School.

KATE RANSOM, president & CEO, WB
Click here for bio.

(music therapy)
B.A., West Chester University; M.A., summa cum laude, Immaculata College; certified music therapist, Immaculata College.

Studied privately with Alan Start, University of Delaware and with Michael Keller, Delaware Symphony Orchestra.

TRACY RICHARDSON, master faculty, WB
(piano, harpsichord)
B.M., Oberlin Conservatory; M.M., New England Conservatory. Additional studies: Sweelinck Conservatorium (Amsterdam), Boston University. Studied with: harpsichord, Kees Rosenhart, Lenora McCroskey; organ, Yuko Hayashi, Fenner Douglass, William Porter. Additional studies: music theory, counterpoint and contemporary music study and performance. Teaching experience: Immaculata College. Teaching artist, Delaware Institute for the Arts in Education; harpsichordist, Delaware Division of the Arts, Arts-in-Education residency program. 1991-1992 Delaware Division of the Arts Individual Artist Fellowship. Performance experience: Mélomanie, Newark Symphony, Immaculata College Orchestra, Delaware County Orchestra, Triomphe d'Amore, Brandywine Baroque, throughout the eastern U.S. Recordings: Lyrichord Discs.

B.M., M.M, violin performance, Peabody Institute. Christof furthered his studies at the Konservatorium der Stadt Wien and has participated in the Taos Chamber Music Festival, New England Bach Festival, Baroque Performance Institute at Oberlin, and the Institut fur Musik und Kirche, Bressanone, Italy. A frequent performer in the Baltimore-Washington area, Mr. Richter also regularly returns to his native Colombia as Artistic Director of the Festival Internacional de Música Barroca de Barichara, for recitals, concerto appearances and master classes. He has performed with the Washington Bach Consort, the Baltimore Chamber Orchestra, The Delaware Symphony, Folger Consort, Brandywine Baroque, Philomel, Opera Lafayette, Public Musick of Rochester, Pro Musica Rara of Baltimore and the Four Nations Ensemble of New York. Currently Mr. Richter is a regular substitute player with the Kennedy Center Opera House Orchestra, concertmaster of the Handel Choir of Baltimore Period Instrument Orchestra, a member of Tempesta di Mare in Philadelphia and of Melomanie in Wilmington as well as artistic director of La Rocinante Baroque Ensemble.

(Early Childhood music)
B.S., Duke University. Kindermusik® training: all levels with Erin Mauer, Suzanne Tips. Additional studies: piano and voice; summer session, Westminster Choir College. Performance experience: church and school choirs; Up With People in Sweden, Denmark, 70 U.S. cities; Center City Chorale.

(oboe, music theory)
B.A., music, University of Delaware; B.A., anthropology, Northwestern University. Studied with: Lloyd Shorter, Louis Rosenblatt. Teaching experience: University of Delaware Community Music School. Awards: American Association of University Women academic scholarship; University of Delaware Woman of Promise certificate of distinction. Orchestral experience: principal oboist, Newark Symphony; Orchestral Society of Philadelphia; Delaware Symphony Orchestra. Chamber music experience: Relâche Ensemble, Quintessence Woodwind Quintet.

DR. HOLLY ROADFELDT, master faculty with distinction, WB
B.M., Eastman School of Music; M.M., Indiana University; D.M.A., University of Colorado. Studied with: Rebecca Penneys, Nelita True, Evelyne Brancart, Robert Spillman, Santiago Rodriquez. Teaching experience: Lafayette College, University of Delaware, Gettysburg College, Susquehanna University, Northwestern University, University of Colorado, Indiana University. Performing Experience: Recordings on Parma Records, Composers Union of Armenia and Kosei Publishing. Solo piano performances at Weill Recital Hall in Carnegie Hall and Steinway Hall in New York City. Collaborations with the Marie Chouinard Dance Company (Performance of Chopin's Preludes) and members of the New York Philharmonic, the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, the Montreal Symphony, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the Colorado Orchestra, and the Utah Symphony. Co-founder of duoARtia (contemporary piano duo).

WALTER "SKIP" ROHRICH, faculty with distinction, WB
(drums, percussion)
B.M., Indiana University. Performance experience: Dianne Schurr, Steve Allen, Charlie Byrd, Valery Pomonarev. Member: Chanson Noir, Swing Plus, Kim Milliner Band (performed on KYW-TV3), Doug Lalli Trio. 1993 Individual Artist Fellowship, Delaware Division of the Arts.

JULIANNE RUIZ, core faculty, WB & MB
(Suzuki Academy assistant department head, Suzuki violin, Suzuki viola, Suzuki musicianship, groups, Suzuki Academy Concert Strings, Suzuki Academy Festival Strings, Suzuki Academy Gala Strings)
B.M., violin performance, Crane School of Music, State University of New York (Potsdam); M.M., violin performance, Hartt School of Music, University of Hartford. Registered Suzuki training: ECC!, SPA, Violin Units 1-8. Member of the Suzuki Association of the Americas. Principal teachers: Emlyn Ngai, John Lindsey, Ioan Harea, Jane Eikov. Pedagogy teachers: Sarah Hersh, Linda Fiore, Teri Einfeldt. Teaching experience: JC Music, Neighborhood Music School, Community Music School of Springfield, private lessons.

SHELLEY BEARD SANTORE, core master faculty, WB
(Suzuki Academy department head, chamber music coordinator, Suzuki violin, Suzuki viola, groups)
B.M., viola performance, The Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University; M.M., viola performance and violin pedagogy, Indiana University. Registered Suzuki training: ECC!, SPA, Violin Units 1-7, Violin Practicum, Viola Units 4-5, Certificate of Achievement, Early Childhood Stage 1. Member of the Suzuki Association of the Americas. Principal teachers: Victoria Chiang, Heidi Castleman, James Dunham, Atar Arad. Pedagogy teachers: Mimi Zweig, Ronda Cole, Ed Kreitman, Ed Sprunger, Pat D’Ercole, Linda Fiore.

B.M., cum laude, applied music (organ performance), Ohio State University; M.M., performance and literature, Eastman School of Music. Director of Music, First & Central Presbyterian Church. President and artistic director, Market Street Music. Conducts: Center City Chorale, Mastersingers of Wilmington. Has written numerous compositions on commission. Member: American Guild of Organists, Hymn Society in the US and Canada. Principal teachers: Will O. Headlee, Wilbur Held, David Craighead. Conducting teachers: Dennis Keene, John Alexander, Peter Bagley, Vance George, Maurice Casey, Joseph Flummerfelt.

LLOYD SHORTER, master faculty, WB
B.F.A., Ithaca College. Artistic co-director, Relâche Ensemble. Relache Ensemble Performances: Prague Spring Festival, and performances in Berlin, Vienna, Warsaw, Cracow, Amsterdam, Vilnius, Seattle, Phoenix, New York City and Venezuela. Performed as a soloist under the direct consultation of many major composers, including John Corigliano, Joan Tower, Simon Bainbridge. Oboist with the Del' Arte Woodwind Quintet. Music coordinator: Governor's School of Delaware. Grants: State of Delaware for solo work and touring, University of Delaware for Internet2 research, Salzburg Seminar to debate the future of classical music. Member: Delaware Symphony Orchestra. Faculty: University of Delaware. Teaches oboe, English horn, numerous courses on music and cultural history, contemporary music. Research using Internet2: music instruction featuring live class interviews with some of the most interesting creative artists of our time.

B.A., horn performance and general music education, Lawrence University; M.M., horn performance and literature, Northwestern University; D.M.A. horn, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Studied with: Douglas Hill, Gail Williams, William Barnewitz, James DeCorsey. Performance experience: Lawrence Brass, Central Wisconsin Symphony Orchestra, Madison Savoyards, Con Vivo Chamber Ensemble, The Armory Dinner Theatre, Madison Symphony, Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra, Waukesha Symphony Orchestra, Beloit-Janesville Symphony Orchestra, Dubuque Symphony Orchestra, Oakwood Chamber Players. Teaching experience: University of Missouri-Kansas City, Lawrence University, University of Wisconsin-Rock County, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Sun Prairie School District, Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestra, Edna Ferber Elementary School, Lawrence Academy of Music.

B.M., education: trombone concentration, University of Delaware. Matriculated M.M., trombone performance, 2016-2018. Specializes in tenor trombone and alto trombone. Winner: 2015 MTNA Young Artist Brass Competition in Delaware. Performance experience: principal positions in all major University of Delaware ensembles; Drum Major, UD Marching Band. Teaching experience: private.

B.M., in education, University of Delaware. Principal teacher: Dr. David P. Blackinton. Performance experience: The Serenader's big band, the Delaware and Kennett Symphony Orchestras, The Brandywiners orchestra, The Academy of the Dance Nutcracker Orchestra, Chesapeake Silver Cornet Brass Band; and national tours at the duPont Theatre. Private teaching experience: all ages and levels.

DAWN STEVENS, master faculty, WB
B.M., piano performance, Northwestern University. Studied with: Gui Mombaerts, Donald Isaak. Pedagogical workshops with: piano, Dennis Alexander, Williard Palmer, Lori Bastien, Jane Tan, Ingrid Clairfield; organ, Timothy Nelson, Mary Jane Holstein; accompanying, Lawrence Davis, Paul Kiesgen. Director of music, Newtown Square Presbyterian Church. Teaching experience: private piano studio.

(clarinet, musicianship)
B.M., Ohio University; M.M., University of Houston. Performing experience: principal clarinet, The Houston Grand Opera Orchestra; principal clarinet, Opera in the Heights; Utah Festival Opera Company; The Houston Masterworks Chorus; Theater Under The Stars and The Houston Symphony. Teaching experience: Adjunct Professor at Houston Baptist University; public and private schools; private study.

JENNIFER CROWELL STOMBERG, core master faculty, WB & MB
(string department head, Adult Cello Choir director, cello, Suzuki cello & groups)
B.M.A., magna cum laude, University of Michigan; M.M., Rice University. Registered Suzuki training: ECC!, SPA, Cello Units 1-7, Practicum, Teaching Group Cello Classes. Member of the Suzuki Association of the Americas. Studied with: Jeffrey Solow, Shirley Trepel, Norman Fischer, Pam Devenport, Alice Vierra, Sally Gross, Jean Dexter, Grace Field. Performance experience: Silver Bay String Quartet, Illinois Symphony and Chamber Orchestra (principal cello), Quincy Symphony (principal cello), North Arkansas Symphony Orchestra (principal cello), Albany Symphony, Delaware Symphony, Houston Ballet Orchestra, Tulsa Philharmonic. Teaching experience: Oral Roberts University, ORU Suzuki Program, Texas Music Festival, Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, University of Delaware Community Music School. Jennifer also teaches privately in Dover.

B.M., summa cum laude, Rice University; M.M., SUNY-Stony Brook; D.M.A., SUNY-Stony Brook. Studied with Timothy Eddy and Shirley Trepel; chamber music with Gilbert Kalish, Julius Levine, Atar Arad. Teaching experience: University of Delaware (current), Oklahoma State University, Truman State University, Eastern Music Festival. Performance experience: Serafin String Quartet (current); touring recitalist in the United States, China and South America; New Music Delaware; Baltimore and Delaware Symphony Orchestras; Eastern and Tulsa Philharmonic Orchestras; Oklahoma City Philharmonic (Associate Principal). Member: Chamber Music America, American String Teachers Association, College Music Society.

SIMEONE TARTAGLIONE, core faculty with distinction, WB
(orchestral department head, Delaware Youth Symphony Orchestra)
Piano performance (ten-year program), V. Bellini Musical Institute (Italy); Doctor in Philology (Italian literature and musicology), University of Palermo (Italy); Conducting, symphonic and opera (ten-year program) and harmony, fugue, composition, organ, Gregorian Chant (seven-year program), Santa Cecilia Conservatory (Italy); Artist Diploma in conducting, University of Denver; Graduate Performing Diploma in conducting, Peabody Institute. Music Director: Newark (DE) Symphony Orchestra. Artistic Director and conductor: Italian Festival in Wilmington. Conductor: Maryland Classic Youth Orchestras at Strathmore Hall. Music Director and Orchestral Department Head: Delaware Youth Symphony Orchestra at The Music School of Delaware. Teaching experience: Assistant Professor of Conducting and Conducting Professor at Catholic University of America.

B.A., performance, Conservatory of the National University of Colombia; M.M, violin performance, University of Southern Mississippi. Currently matriculated: M.M., violin performance, Rowan University. Principal teachers: Marcelino Prats, Eduardo Berrio, Liz Garcia, Juan Carlos Hiquita, Dr. Stephen Redfield, Dr. Timothy Schwarz. Performance experience: Meridian Symphony Orchestra, Mississippi Symphony Orchestra, Gulf Coast Symphony Orchestra, Classic Orchestra of Colombia, Bogota Symphony Orchestra. Music Festivals: Cartagena Music Festival, Ancient and Baroque Festival, Suzuki Festivals. Master classes: Anne Akiko Meyers, Robert McDuffie, Scott St. John, Geoff Nutall, Angelica Gámez, Martin Burgess, Chiara Bianchini, Bella Hristrova, Michi Wianko. Teaching experience: coach - Modesto Symphony Youth Orchestra, Southern Mississippi Youth Orchestra, Youth Philharmonic Orchestra of Colombia; private teaching.

(violin, Delaware Youth Symphony Orchestra)
B.M., M.M., violin performance, University of Delaware. Suzuki teacher training: ECC, Violin Units 1-4, Violin Practicum, Cello Unit 1a/b. Member of the Suzuki Association of the Americas. Studied with: Xiang Gao, Gerardo Ribeiro, Kate Ransom, Ronda Cole, Linda Fiore, Clorinda Noyes. Additional teaching experience: Strings Program Director at The Tatnall School.

Performance experience: Glen Miller Orchestra, Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, Lionel Hampton, Roy Clark, Loretta Lynn, Patsy Kline, Ink Spots, Al Martino, Bill Haley and the Comets. Performed for over 23 years with The Honeycombs, recording 6 CD’s. Teaching experience: Delaware State University, Wesley College, and multiple instruments at The Drum Pad in Felton, where Honey is the Owner/proprietor.

(Suzuki Academy accompanist)
B.M., Bob Jones University, piano performance. Principal teachers: Alice Gingery, David Lehman. Registered Suzuki training: Piano Units 1-7 (Unit 6, pending). Member of the Suzuki Association of the Americas. Co-President: Greater Philadelphia Suzuki Association. Collaborates as a soloist and chamber musician throughout the region. Church musician: worship services, special musical events. Accompanist: string and voice juries, competitions and performances; Sola Gratia Musicians, a homeschool choir; Greater Philadelphia Suzuki Association.

(Early Childhood music)
B.S., elementary education, University of Delaware; M.S., history, Washington College. Kindermusik® & Musikgarten training.

JOANNE WARD, master faculty, WB & MB
(vocal department head, class voice, Delaware Women's Chorus, Cantabile Women's Chorus)
B.M., education, Montclair State College; M.M., voice, West Chester University. Additional studies: extensive training, Orff-Schulwerk methodology; seminars for children's choir at Westminster Choir College. Teaching experience: Pennsville (New Jersey) schools; The Episcopal Academy in Newtown Square. Frequent guest choral conductor.

(classical and Celtic harp)
B.M., Curtis Institute of Music; graduate studies, University of Western Ontario; Music Education Certification, West Chester University. Performer and presenter: American Harp Society Conferences in Seattle, Tacoma, Oakland and Philadelphia; Southeastern Harp Festival; Somerset Harp Festival; Beginning in the Middle; Massenetta Bible Conference; the Washington Area Harp Getaway and Edinburgh International Harp Festival. Performing experience: Kennett Symphony, principal harp and freelance performances throughout the region. Harp ensemble arrangements are sold worldwide.

STEFAN XHORI, master faculty, MB
B.M., violin performance/education, National Conservatory (Albania). Studied with: Dmitri Levin. Performance experience: assistant concertmaster, Allentown Symphony Orchestra; Reading, Pottstown, Kennett Symphony Orchestras; Pennsylvania Ballet; Philly Pops Orchestra; concertmaster, Gjirokaster Symphony Orchestra. Teaching experience: Allentown Community Music School, Professional High School of Music (Albania).

HIROKO YAMAZAKI, master faculty with distinction, WB
(piano/organ/harpsichord associate department head, piano)
B.M., cum laude, piano performance, M.M., collaborative piano, University of Maryland. Studied with: Rita Sloan, Anne Koscielny, Carol Ann Cahn & Marcantonio Barone. Chamber music coaching: members of the Philadelphia Orchestra & Guarneri String Quartet. Member: Pi Kappa Lambda. Awards: winner, Presser Foundation; 1994 national audition, the Rome Festival; first place winner, 1995 Austrian-American Society Mozarteum Scholarship Competition. Teaching experience: Luzerne Music Center; Aspen Festival (recipient, Chamber Music Teaching Fellowship).

(sound engineer)
Experience: 20 years running sound, recording multiple genres, producing DVDs. Original song, Wonder, included in a Kanomi video game worldwide for Wii and PS2. Numerous local bands. Instruments: Electric guitar, bass guitar, piano, trombone.

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